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West Coast Fiya has LAUNCHED!

Posted 15 September 2010 | News/Blog   

So, uh… you mean to tell us that you DIDN’T know there was SO much urban Christian music from the West Coast?!  Well, we know that MOST of you are already BLR listeners/followers, so if you thought Breathe Life Radio was a resource for your West Coast music, then you REALLY need to check out the West Coast Fiya (WCF) website at!

The fact that Qheem & Kindred are good friends with the treo that launched WCF (Cid, Gil, and P-Dub of Power Voice Media), has unfortunately placed us in an uncomfortable position of having to wait MUCH longer than most for the site to launch… so if you’re feeling like, “IT’S ABOUT TIME!”, quit wastin’ your time complainin’ and grab your digital fork & knife so you can dig in to all that delicious music!

Instead of us typing more stuff here in order to getchoo to head over and check them out, why not go ahead and type into the internet browser of your choice, because whether it’s Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari, it is most definitely gonna get a little warm once those blazin’ beats start screamin’ from the West Coast Fiya website!

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