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‘The Unreleased Chronicles’ is RELEASED!

Posted 22 November 2010 | News/Blog   

Ok, here’s a last minute update that you do NOT wanna ignore! Thi’sl (aka Thi’sl Tyler) has a new release that drops TONIGHT, praise God!

On it U’ll find FLAME (aka Flame-Marcus Gray), Pastor AD3, Matt Vollmar, and others, reppin’ 4 th’ King of kings thru the gift God has given them… and if lyricists featured doesn’t push U over th’ top & have U wanting this project, the D-Flow produced anthem ‘Parade’ is on this project as well!

‘The Unreleased Chronicles’ is th’ name of the project, and it’s 1 that U wanna pick up, even if it’s your LAST $10.00!

Available at,,,… yo, FIND THIS PROJECT wherever U can & pick it up… U’ll B bangin’ this 4 the next couple weeks, praise God!

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