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V. Rose’s NEW single, “Ohh My Ahh” ft. Flame!

Posted 15 December 2010 | News/Blog   

On the heels of being blessed with the opportunity to work with one of Urban Christian Music’s most recognized artists in Flame, on what is currently another blazing example in the track ‘Surrender’ of the quintessential producer Spec‘s abilities… V. Rose this time takes the lead role as this amazing treo shows that the end result of them connecting and collectively being led by the Holy Spirit to create ‘Surrender’ was NOT a fluke!

We present to you the opportunity that you do NOT want to pass up… downloading V. Rose’s NEW joint titled ‘Ohh My Ahh‘ at!  As we mentioned above, these three have done it AGAIN…

Spec – He has poured bits of sound and chunks of noises into a huge pot, allowed it to simmer over a Holy Ghost fire, while stirring slowly with a huge wooden spoon called production, to create the most amazing intro-to-the-world single for an artist you’ve ever heard!

V. Rose - The anointing that blankets what is CLEARLY the gift that represents her calling is beyond apparent when you hear V. Rose sing!  She brings the ambiance of worship to ANY style or genera of song when she opens her mouth and begins to belt out melodies and lyrics… and THIS song is definitely NOT an exception.

Flame – So, if you already thought this brotha in Christ was DOPE as an artist… wait until you hear the way he put it down on THIS track!  Flame’s 16 fits this song like the left shoe you forgot in yo potnas trunk when he dropped you off from the gym then he left town!  You know… glad to FINALLY be ballin’ in your favorite pair of Jordans that you ain’t had on in weeks?!  Well THESE TWO on the mic, on THIS song that Spec produced, ARE that pair of Jordans!

With ALL that said, what really makes us wonder why you’re still here reading, is the fact that this song is available at for absolutely nothing.

You read that correctly…  you can get this track…  FOR FREE!

Once you’ve downloaded this song FOR FREE, it will become the most amazing song you’ve EVER been given FOR FREE!  So, what are you waitin’ for…


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