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Get ‘Grafted In’… FOR FREE!

Posted 28 March 2011 | News/Blog   

We at Breathe Life Radio are always trying to keep you up to date on artists & new releases that are definitely worth taking the time to listen to, and THIS artist and his Freshman project are at the top of the must-hear list!

CLICK HERE for a quick video put out by InLine Records to promote the project!

As you can see from that vid, this project, and all that will come from Cam the Product in the future, is VERY promising!

When asked who his influences are, Cam the Product replies, “I’m influenced by all musicians in general. Everyone has something for me to learn from. The power of God is ultimately the main influence I rely on. He has created me in His image… as He is a creative God, I am a creative man.”

In talking with the folks over at InLine Records, the label that Cam the Product calls home, they shared with us here at BLR that they’ve committed hundreds of hours into this project & they of course are really excited about gettin’ it in to the hands of the listeners. It’s one thing to be committed to a project because the artist is on your label… it’s another thing, and speaks volumes of the music, when the team BELIEVES in the project… when they each genuinely are confident that you will enjoy it.  Because of that confidence, and the desire for folks to be blessed by what God has given all of them to pour in to ‘Grafted In’, they have decided to give it away FOR FREE!

You can CLICK HERE to get the entire Cam the Product ‘Grafted In’ project FOR FREE (or, if you choose, you can name your price & give them a financial blessing)!

In addition to picking up th’ project for free, take the time to follow Cam the Product by clicking one (or both) of the following…

Like our good friend Joy Jenkins always says… WE DON’T POST NO JUNK… so make sure ya ht that link and grab what will be one of the most talked about FREE projects of 2011!  And don’t forget to share this page with all your friends digitally… Facebook, Twitter, on ya blogs… even MySpace if ya still got one!

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