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Jahaziel is Still Livin’ & Now He’s Xistin’!

Posted 25 April 2011 | News/Blog   

For all our listeners/followers that have an appreciation for dope rhyme skills… you NEED t’make sure that on May 2nd you pick up this mixtape!

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Jahaziel is considered one of the most talented and innovative lyricists, both in the UK  (where he hails from) and internationally.  As if ability isn’t enough,  Jahaziel‘s resume should quiet the questions from thos who need to see experience!  He’s been on the mic for nearly a decade, and has won a MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Award for Best Gospel Act in 2008, was nominated for a MOBO Award in 2007 and won two Oasis Awards in 2006; Best Male and Best Holy Hip Hop Artist.

Defining his music as God-inspired, it includes the gospel message, yet also deals with real life issues of the human experience.  Driven by his love for God, love for mankind and love for music, Jahaziel has a heart for all people, and specifically possesses a passion for the youth. With his own past experiences of seeing no option except to make a life through crime, Jahaziel understands the minds of young people caught up in street culture and ghetto lifestyle. He is able to relate to the feelings of hopelessness they face, yet Jahaziel comes to shine the light in darkness. He performs in schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK.

ALL that said… and we sum it all up with one simple sentence… get this download RIGHT NOW by clicking on Store at the top!

Watch the vid below and see wassup!

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