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L.O.A. (Least Of All) & his new project, Bondservant

Posted 09 July 2011 | News/Blog   

Here’s a DOPE promo vid created by West Coast Fiya!

If there’s one term you can’t use t’describe this debut project from Least Of All (also known as L.O.A., who along with Valiant & Nova are the group Not By Sight), it’s that it is one dimensional! In creating Bondservant, Walk By Faith Music’s newest release, this California native breaks all the way out of th’ mold you would expect him to have been formed by. When asked about the project, L.O.A. says, “the goal was to create a musical expression of the relationship between Redeemer and the redeemed ex-slave turned willing servant.”

Bondservant not only has a refreshing musical variety of genre, production, writing, and delivery… it also has a rare supply of content and a concept that’s all out jaw dropping. Many of the issues that are confronted on this album are the issues that, for the most part, don’t get talked about in “church,” while at the same time not neglecting the wonders of God that everyone loves to talk about. Hear the struggle, hear the pain, hear the joy, hear the gratitude, hear the love, hear the worship, hear the warning, hear the cries of a Bondservant.

In addition to the project releasing on August 6th, the CD Release Concert will be on August 6th as well! Make sure you mark your calendars & plan to be at what will be one of the most incredible expressions of exalting God thru rap music that you’ll ever experience!

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