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Spec House Beats Discounted!

Posted 13 July 2011 | News/Blog   

You lookin’ to take your project to a-whole-nother level? Know th’ sound you want, but ya ain’t got that stack-0-chips to slide across the table?

Well, things might have taken a turn for the better for you, praise God! One of the most talented producers in the nation happens t’be in a REALLY good mood & is lookin’ to bless some folk with a price reduction!

“How much,” you say? How about watching the video above (if you haven’t already), then heading over to th’ website & connectin’ with Spec to find out!

Make sure to tell him Breathe Life Radio sent ya! Not like it’ll make a difference… we don’t handle his books… but it’s a really good ice breaker, ya know!

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