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The New Look for Kindred’s Mom!

Posted 19 July 2011 | News/Blog   

So, many people have been asking me about my Mom’s new look. Some have had concerns for her health… others have had concerns for her state of mind. Before I speak to either of these, let me share how I became aware of the new look.

So, as you all know, Qheem & I are close friends. He’s probably one of my closest friends. We’ve had our ups and downs as homies… but praise God, we’ve come thru it all still good friends as men of God.

We were on our way to do an episode of Breathe Life Radio, and I needed to stop by my parent’s home for a few. As we pulled up, my Mom came outside, and was walking toward us with a huge, beautiful smile. At first glance, I thought she had her locks pulled back in to a pony tail. My next thought was, “wow… they’re pulled awfully tight for it t’be so smooth!” I then realized the significance of the word “smooth” in my thought!

My Mom had completely shaved her head! My next thought, after the “smooth” sentence went thru my mind, was how beautiful she looked!

Not everyone can pull off wearing locks, although MANY are walking around with their hair locked. There is an even smaller list of folks that can still be absolutely beautiful with a bald head. My Mom’s name is on that small list.

There is no health condition… my mother has not lost her mind… she has not left th’ safety and comfort of her relationship with Jesus Christ to join a cult… she has taken a step of faith & chose to drastically change her look…

..and in doing so, is more beautiful than she’s ever been. I love you, Mom… and I love your new look!

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