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@MyNameIsBizzle’s New Album Drops May 7th!

Posted 26 April 2013 | News/Blog   

We at Breathe Life Radio thought we’d do somethin’ DIFFERENT to promote the upcoming release of Bizzle’s new project The Good Fight (go Pre-Order it on iTunes by CLICKING HERE)… this is the discography and a little background on th’ homie Bizzle;

Before goin’ into the discography, here are some words recently posted by th’ homie Sevin (@SevinHOGMOB);

I’m askin’, as a favor, that everyone who supports Sevin and/or HOG MOB Ministries in ANY way, please help us support and promote Bizzle’s new album “The Good Fight”.

If we don’t support each other, no one will.  Bizzle has stood the test of persecution, has consistently produced great music, and has done his best to live what he speaks behind the music. I’m proud to call him my friend and brother.

Lets make it a point to bless him and go above and beyond in helping the Gospel be preached through music that’s proven to help change lives for the better.

God is using many young brothers and sisters to make his name know though various gifts and talents.  Let’s make sure we don’t allow the world to promote death louder than we promote life… stand up CHURCH!

I love you guys… I know I don’t say much… this internet stuff really ain’t my thing… but I’m very grateful to all of you who support, promote and most importantly pray for us on the daily.

God sees everything and I pray he rewards each of you according to your faithfulness.  Godbleshya.

2004-2008 mixtapes

Between the years 2004-2008 Bizzle released ‘L.A.V. Mixtapes’ Volume’s 1-5 in Southern California. He then released ‘Dirty West Mixtapes’ 1 and 2 with 360 Records in Houston, Texas, and returned to California to release his biggest yet, ‘Certified Mixtape’.

In 2005 he was offered a deal by 360 Records out of Houston and declined. Two years later, Bizzle had been offered a deal by Barry Hankerson to sign with Blackground/Universal, but he also declined that offer.

He featured on many successful shows as the headliner and opened for artists such as Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana, Lil Boosie, and several more.

The producers he worked with are variant, namely platinum selling producer Chink Santana, Darock Ramos, Stack Bundles, Lil Eazy E, Roccett from CTE, Dirty Birdy, Pretty Willie aka P-Dub, Mouthpi3ce, Chino XL & Twank Star from Nappy Boy.

He was also involved on a compilation project featuring Ne-Yo, The Game, Nelly, David Banner, T.I., Akon, and several various artists.

Debut album

Bizzle spent three years preparing his debut album Grind Pays. Multiple singles where spread causing his Myspace plays to rapidly increase over 500,000.

His music thus filled the street of Los Angeles and Inland Empire areas. The success obtained from his Myspace fan based indicated that the expectations for the album were big, but notably, it is believed that God had bigger plans for Bizzle.

2008 Influences in Church

In 2008 Bizzle began attending church more frequently and his relationship with God grew stronger.

The influence of his religion there after lead him to a decision. In January 2010 he released the track ‘You Got Some Explaining to Do’, a song directed towards Jay-Z, exposing him for his negative references towards Jesus in his lyrics. This caused much controversy.

The result of the diss song lead Bizzle to a stage of continuously being called the “Christian Rapper that dissed Jay Z”.

2009 – 2011 The Messenger

After the fame of Bizzle’s anticipated diss song he decided that his music would thereafter reflect Christian view in effect of bringing Glory to Jesus Christ.

He released his first Christian Mixtape entitiled ‘The Messenger’ in March 2010. The Mixtape received much success online, namely on web sources such as YouTube, and various hip hop promoting websites such as,, &

So far, over 1 Million downloads for this mixtape has been recorded.

‘The Messenger 2: Delivered’ & ‘The Messenger 3: Truth Music’ respectively followed in the years of 2010 & 2011 after the success of the 1st mixtape.

Tough Love & Parables (2011-Present)

Bizzle’s first Christian Hip Hop album entitled ‘Tough Love & Parables’ was released June 21, 2011. On February 7, 2012 Bizzle and Willie Moore, Jr. released Best Of Both Worlds: The Album

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  1. Posted by RHBICtheProgeny on 10 May 13 at 8:28am

    I just wanted to say that I couldn’t Agree with The Homie Sevin More!! I praise God For Both Bizzle and Sevin for not only Christ Centered Music,but More Importantly their Contrabutions In Advancing The Kingdom!! I got a Chance to Chop it up with Bizzle @LegacyDecipleship2012 Last Year and Not only did I witness Believers Grow stronger in their Relationship with Our Lord Jesus,But Everything You Hear in Bizzle’s Lyrics is Real,and How He Carries Himself as a Man! A Man of God That is!! I will Do My Best To Continue To Promote The Kingdom,as Well as The Homies Bizzle and Sevin In the MidWest,and Look Forward to What God Has Instore For us All at…Progeny:)

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