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@JCRMusicGroup’s New Project Drops!

Posted 12 August 2013 | News/Blog   

I wanted to take a second, before gettin’ in to exactly WHO JCR Music Group is, to point out that this is the team that is responsible for #MuSickHeadz Show right here on #BreatheLifeRadio!  So make SURE you check the schedule and find out when YOU can tune in to the #MuSickHeadzShow and here them gets it IN…!

JCR Music Group is made up of a collection of artists who have a desire for representing The Kingdom of God with passion through music. JCR Music Group approaches the music scene with creativity and originality. With a motto that simply says “We make MuSick”, JCRMG’s goal is to share music the way they feel it.

Before going forward, I wanted ta take a moment to encourage you ALL to go follow the JCR homies on Twitter!


@RaptureJCR @JThaHeartChaser @_KariJay

High Life #MuSick Featuring Rapture is the 1st installment of the #MuSick Series from JCR Music Group. This series will feature music of different styles and artists… so many different styles that you might be surprised!

High Life #MuSick is filled with a lot of “Feel Good” music that will have you in the clouds and feeling High off this Life in Christ. Connect with JCR Music Group to catch more from the #MuSick series!

Click the Cover above (or the Back below) to get to the website where you can download the project!

In closing, make CERTAIN you go check out this new project!  You most DEFINITELY wont be disappointed!  Tell ten friends about this project, and make sure you share this link on YOUR social network sites!

@RaptureJCR @_KariJay @JThaHeartChaser

are pictured here.

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