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@P4CM’s #Rhetoric2013 Five Dolla Time Machine!

Posted 02 August 2013 | News/Blog   

You read that correctly…

for FIVE DOLLAS you get to tune in and watch this year’s occurrence of
the most AMAZING Spoken Word event in the WORLD as if you were THERE!

It’s the next best thing to if you had been in the crowd of 3,000 in attendance
and it’ll cost ya LESS than a Venti at Starbucks!

Er’body is ESPECIALLY talkin’ about the Proposal dat @Preston_N_Perry had up his sleeve and the look on @JackieEHill’s face when it all went down…

…and YOU get to still see it as if you were there!

So make sure you click the link below, and get dat Five Dolla Holla so you can watch
#Rhetoric2013 ALMOST live from your computer!

Live streaming video by Ustream

Wanna know what #Rhetoric2013 was BEFORE you spend the FIVE DOLLAS?!
As if gettin’ ta see the homie Preston propose to Jackie isn’t enough… go ahead and CLICK HERE to see some information on this event…
then come back here and spend ya FIVE DOLLAS!

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