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@IamSheenaLee’s #ArtistEPK, #DestinyAlbum, and #MusicVideo w/@AndyMineo

Posted 14 August 2013 | News/Blog   

“I feel so humbled that God blessed me with vocal talent and the gift of song to be a tool for my life’s purpose and destiny. That is why I thank Him for bestowing the desire in my soul to worship Him through song. Music knows no nation or creed. It only knows how to play on the strings of our hearts. I believe God will break every language and cultural barrier for the sake of the Kingdom, which is why I surrender my talents to his service.” – Sheena Lee

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it. (John 1:5)

Recording Artist/Actress Sheena Lee hails from Queens, New York. While being raised in church, Sheena developed a distinct, melodic sound.  Her musical influence is derived from her parents who both have backgrounds, as DJs. It’s difficult to be raised in a household of two DJs and not develop an interest and love for music.  Sheena’s father, Dr. Bob Lee is currently the voice of New York’s famous Inner City Broadcasting Station, 107.5 WBLS, where he is an on air DJ and the Community Affairs Director.  Her mother, Vivian Lee, is an entrepreneur and the CEO of her company, New Beginnings.  She helps couples with the selection of music for one of their most joyous occasions.  Due to her parents, Sheena was very fortunate to be raised in a home with exposure to various genres of music.

“I remember waking up to the sounds of my father’s music and seeing him with the sound system in the living room, as he scratched and mixed up vinyl’s. As he prepared for his on air sets and community events, it was difficult not to have a feeling of wanting to sing and dance to what I heard.” – Sheena Lee

“My mother was the one responsible for my foundation in church, and it helped inspire me to sing for the Lord. Inspirational music helped mold & shape my sound. God has blessed me more than I can imagine with an anointed, unique voice.” – Sheena Lee

Sheena has ministered for events such as: Battle Cry’s ‘Recreate’ at the IZOD Center in New Jersey, the Martin Luther King Concert Series at Wingate Field in Brooklyn, and the Harlem Summer Stage. She was apart of a musical production called “Kids For Kids: A Celebration of Young Genius” at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts funded by STAT! to celebrate and benefit our public hospitals. Presently she is currently touring with Pastor Jimmy Jack/Rock the Block and also God Belongs In My City (GBIMC). Through God’s favor Sheena has been blessed with the opportunity to minister alongside various respected Gospel Recording Artists, such as: Hezekiah Walker, Marvin Sapp, Mary Mary, Tye Tribbett, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Israel New Breed, Valerie Boyd, Fred Hammond, and Group 1 Crew.  Sheena Lee enters a new season, broadening her pinnacle of influence and ministry, thru her being an Inspirational Recording Artist and thru the ministry she started, SHYNINLIGHT Ministries. These efforts mark a milestone and bold new step. These steps are carrying Sheena closer to the fulfillment of her destiny, to use her voice to touch all nations.  Her debut solo album “Destiny” is here, praise God!

Sharing Sheena Lee’s own words;

My debut album ‘DESTINY’ which is available on iTunes, is a reflection of my journey in ministry and life experience, drawing upon various musical influences.   The title track, Destiny, is an anthem for anyone who at some point felt like giving up and throwing in the towel. In ministry we can get so discouraged at times, I know because that was me. I often wondered and asked God questions like: Why me? Is this really what you want me to do? Why does it have to be so hard? You can start to lose site of what God’s plans are for your life if you allow things or people to get in the way and discourage you. But be encouraged because this is your time. Sometimes God has us experience or go through some things to only make us stronger and to prepare us for what He has called us to do. In the chorus it talks about how in believing that we can be all that he wants of us that is our Destiny/purpose in Him no matter what obstacles may come your way.{EPHESIANS1:11} At the end of the day it’s not about us it is all for His glory. “I GOT IT NOW” repeats at the end of the song so that we can believe and declare together that we have a destiny that is only found in Jesus.”

Here is the AMAZING performance video for Destiny, featuring the homie Andy Mineo… and below it are the lyrics to the song.  Make SURE you click the image above to purchase the project on iTunes… and don’t forget to use the Facebook, Google+, and Twitter icons at the bottom to share this post about Sheena Lee with YOUR friends!

This is my destiny/ Believing that I can be/ All that He wants of me/ I got it now

I was too busy to see what was ahead of me ::Gotta put my focus right on you:: Forgetting to feed my soul with what I really need/ Failing to seek the face of my fatha ::Ooh ooh I’m running back to you:: He revealed my troubled heart to me ::yeah::

My work, my drive, my efforts to live/ My goals, my time, not mine it’s His ::Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah:: I’m a slave, surrendered to freedom/ Captured in Christ, I Got it Now!

This is my DESTINY/ Believing that I can be/ All that He wants of me/ I got it now!/ This is my DESTINY/ It’s not about me/ All for His Glory/ I got it now!

More of me is fading as I pray/ Lookin more like Jesus is where i’m headed today/ Come come wit me if you wanna theres gonna be pain boy/But I know it’s leading me to joy ::uhoh:: His glory for my good/ It’s His story it’s understood/ It’s never been about me ::naw:: Lord i’m runnin towards you



::Alright, ok ugh:: Ok I get it now/ Life aint what it seems/ It aint an ends in itself/ Broski it’s but a means/ Let me tell ya what I mean/ If you thinkin that it’s all about mwa/ Naw you sadly mistaken/ Let me tell ya why/ Cuz we born and then we die/ But i’ma live on so mama don’t cry/ Jesus came and conquered the grave/ So I know my place is up in the sky/ By His blood we clean the failures of our past behind us/ No longer chasin dreams we seeds of promise ::yeah!::


I got it I I I got it now!(8x)

Lyrics by: David Ham & Andy Mineo
Produced by: Andy Mineo
Engineered & Mixed by: Edgar “DjEdy” Lagares
Mastered by John Horesco IV
Directed by: Will Thomas @spacecherryfilm

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