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Breathe Life Radio was founded in 2009 as a simple ministry dedicated to providing excellent Urban Christian music for those seeking an alternative to secular hip hop. Breathe Life Radio also sought to provide an avenue through which Christian Rap artists had a platform to have their music heard and to provide exposure for the artists through interviews and the Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16 YouTube Videos.

Since then, Breathe Life Radio has expanded to a multifaceted ministry and is now just one entity under the umbrella of Breathe Life Ministries.  Breathe Life Ministries is a conglomerate of entities which provide a wide range of services via Christian ministry.  Breathe Life Ministries has developed services that is based on the basic real-world needs of our audience, and continuously implements those services through personal and individualized communications and feedback.

Ultimately, Breathe Life Radio will Transform the World through Radio!