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Breathe Life Radio’s mission is to provide a unique experience for the listener, while still giving the listener an above excellent radio experience via music and one-of-a-kind programming.  Specifically, Breathe Life Radio’s mission is to;

  • Serve as an instrument to transform our listeners’ lives
  • Offer programming for our listeners’ daily growth
  • Provide hope, healing, restoration and joy to our listeners
  • Impact our listeners’ world through Christian ministry
We were founded on the belief that ministry is best provided with a personal and individualized touch. We understand that each individual is unique and, thus, has unique needs; so a global approach to ministry is not as effective as personalized ministry. We believe that ministering is more important than the direct pursuit of wealth or personal glory; therefore, we recruit the nation’s best On-Air Personalities to provide the most variety of Christian programming who also believe in this basic pursuit of ministry over personal glory.  Our endeavor is to ensure that our listeners can provide feedback and communicate with us so that we continue to meet the needs of our listeners.

Ultimately, Breathe Life Radio’s mission is to Transform the World through Radio!